Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kingdom Hearts

So over this last month Michael and I have broke out the ol' playstation 2 and started playing Kingdom Hearts, which is an awesomely wonderful game that combines Final Fantasy and Disney. I played this game on my own when it first came out and made it to the end but did not complete all of the side quests.

That was the goal this time. We played it together and completed every side quest, took care of every enemy, found every treasure, and we did all on expert. I think it took us around 50 combined hours to finish the game and we played it for around a month.

I do recommend this game to people with children that would enjoy watching and being a part of all of it. Sidda and MJ would sit with us while we played and loved getting to know the characters and helping us decide what to do. It became a fun family activity that was age appropriate.

Next we plan on taking on Kingdom Heart II, after we take a short break from video games.