Thursday, June 16, 2011

1st Samuel

In my opinion, 1st Samuel is where the drama really begins. I mean, I know that there was drama before but this is the the kind that really sucks you in. It's like a constant soap opera. Jealousy, betrayal, love, friendship... all the things that really make soap operas great. This is why they attempted a few years ago to make a show based on this called "Kings."

1st Samuel starts with Samuel's parents. His mother Hannah was barren, she had prayed to the Lord that if he would give her a son she would offer him up to the Lord and he would serve the Lord for all of his life. God granted her request and after she had given birth to Samuel when he was old enough she gave him to stay with Eli the priest. From then on, Samuel stayed in the presence of the Lord.

Eli was a great priest and but his sons that he raised did not respect the Lord or the temple the way that their father did. They would sleep with prostitutes and would eat the offering that people brought for the Lord. The Lord sent someone to tell Eli of what will happen since he did not try to raise his sons the right way and all three of them died on the same day.

Now, the Israelite's were demanding a king like all the other nations had, so God led Samuel to a humble man from the tribe of Benjamin. This man was Saul, he was said to be a head taller than other men, but in the KJV it says

"And he had a son, whose name was Saul, a choice young man and a goodly: and there was not among the children of Israel a goodlier person than he: from his shoulders and upward he was higher than any of the people" -1 Samuel 9:2

Now, to Michael and me this sounds like instead of being tall, Saul might have had an abnormally large head... it's just one of those things that makes us laugh.

Saul was humble when he first became king, but it was quickly shown that the power went to his head. He was no longer depending on God so God sent Samuel to anoint who he wanted to be the next king. This is when we find David.

Soon after, David will fight Goliath. We all know this story so I won't go into it. Saul becomes very jealous of David and from then on plots to find ways to destroy him. He throws spears at him, tells his son to kill him, he chases him all around Israel for years and years. A few times David has chances that he could have killed Saul but opted not to, knowing that he was once anointed by God. Saul eventually kills himself by falling on his sword (purposefully... it wasn't an accident that he "fell" on his sword) and his sons followed suit.

During all of this David had drama of his own. I had never realized before that during all this David took on three wives. That in it self I think is drama in the making....

1st Samuel is non-stop craziness. I can't wait to continue on into 2nd Samuel.