Thursday, May 5, 2011

Video Games

Michael is way more into video games than I am. I really don't play that much and when I do I prefer puzzle games over anything else. I like games like Tetris and Dr. Mario. I do enjoy the occasional RPG. I've played a few in my time but my favorite is probably Kingdom Hearts. It's pretty awesome. It's a game that combines Disney characters with Final Fantasy to make a pretty awesome game that is kid friendly so I can play in front of my kids.

The last RPG I played was Blue Dragon. I actually played this with Michael. We borrowed it from a friend and quite enjoyed it. A lot of the time when we played Sidda and MJ watched and got to know the characters and the storyline. It practically became a family event.

So, I know if I let Michael in on this blog today he would type a thousand pages about the video games he loves and the list would really be never ending. He just wishes that he had more time so he could play more. I really don't let him play as much as he would want to. I think spending time with his family is more important. I think sleep is more important too.

The kids are starting to play video games a little bit and it's already starting fights between the two of them. We were given a leapster handheld game system and we only have one so it's a constant battle to see who plays. Most of the time it just gets taken away.

I'm sure there is more I could talk about but my mind is running a blank. I'll just end with this. Hi Tina! I'm glad you read my blog!