Thursday, May 19, 2011


I'm already falling behind on my goals for the rest of 2011 but I have finally finished Joshua. I'm going to have to start speed reading through if I want to finish by December 31st.

The book of Joshua is about Joshua the son of Nun. After Moses dies Joshua takes over as leader of the Israelites. Joshua was given the honor by God to be the man that lead the Israelites to their Promise Land and help them defeat the people living there and then to settle there.

The most famous story in Joshua is about the fall of Jericho. God gave Joshua instructions on what the Israelites were to do to bring down the walls of Jericho. It involved walking in circles, blasting trumpets for days. (This is one story that Michael and Sidda act out on a regular basis, stacking pillows and marching around them 6 times and then 7 times again before knocking them all over.) And here is a little treat for you, a song about the battle of Jericho.

But soon after the fall of Jericho came Achan's sin. I had never heard this part before and found it fascinating. Soon after the fall of Jericho they had sent a group of 2000-3000 men to Ai to take the land but some of the men were killed by the men of Ai. Joshua was devastated. God was suppose to be with them but his men had been killed. God told Joshua that Israel had violated their covenant. They had taken things from Jericho and lied about it. They had hidden it away. They found that Achan had taken a Babylonian robe, shekels of silver, and a wedge of gold. (The Israelites were told to burn everything and keep nothing of the places the conquered.) His sin not only punished him but his family as well. Achan was stoned, also were his sons, daughters and his livestock then they were all burned. After they had taken care of Achan the Israelites were able to take Ai with the blessings of God.

Most of Joshua is about how the land is divided between the tribes of Israel and ends with the death of Joshua. And now I am on to Judges!