Monday, May 9, 2011

Book Review: Cinderella Ate My Daughter

Cinderella by Peggy Orenstein was a very interesting read. I read this book over 2 days and could hardly put it down.

The book is nonfiction and about what the princess phenomenon could be doing to our daughters. How girls are getting older, younger and they are being sexualized while losing their ability to understand sexuality in themselves. That girls do things because it's what you do, not because it's what they want, or what they feel, it's just what they do.

Girls are caught in an in between of wanting to have it all and wanting to be rescued. They feel that their identity is only in the way they look and lose out on so much on the inside.

There is so much to this book that I thought was great. There a few things that I didn't agree on with the author but most of the book made me think about what I desire for my daughter. I want Sidda to have a solid identity that is not based on looks alone (or clothes, make-up or accessories). I want Sidda to have a strong sense of self. I want her to know who she is and know that it's ok if she decides to have a career or be a stay at home mom, or tackle both as time comes.

I do recommend this book to people with young daughters. It talks about how things are marketed to them and how the princess craze began. I enjoyed it. It was worth my time.