Friday, April 1, 2011

The Price of Movies

Is it just me or is the price of going to the movies just ridiculous now? Maybe I didn’t realize how much it actually costs because we just don’t get to go that often. We did go a couple of months back to see Gnomio and Juliet (which by the way was totally cute and my kids loved every minute of it). We opted to see the 3D version because that was which one was on at the time we decided to go. Tickets to just see the movie was $40 for our family of four. We couldn’t go to the movies without popcorn and a drink though. You see, my kids love popcorn. Movie theater popcorn is wonderful as I must admit that I am also a fan. So between drinks and popcorn and a pack of twizzlers it can out to somewhere around $25.

Yes that right. I am sure that you can add it up. That is $65 for one trip to the movies for 4 people. We are on a limited budget for outings like these and this just blew my mind. We have to keep ourselves on a tight budget being a one income family and paying that much is a luxery for us. I just didn’t realize how much it is.

I was looking today at taking the kids to the movies. But even for a regular movie for 4 (not 3D) is at least $30 for a matinee. I guess we will just be sticking to the dollar theater if we want to go and the summer time free movie Tuesdays.