Friday, April 1, 2011

Potty Training

Right now we are in the process of potty training MJ. This is not fun. MJ has no real desire to use the potty. He does not seem to mind wearing a diaper and costing his parents money that they no longer want to spend. Oh why MJ won’t you just use the potty?

Sidda was probably too easy on the potty training front and I became spoiled. Sidda discovered that she didn’t have to wear a diaper and instead would be allowed to wear cute panties and that was pretty much it. She was done. She was potty trained completely before MJ was born and she was two and a half by then. MJ is now almost 3 and still not wanting to use the potty. We are needing to step up the game and stay super strict on this.

MJ has his superhero underwear that he loves. Everyday we put him in a pair and he asks which hero is on his butt. This morning he is wearing Wolverine. We tell him not to pee on Wolverine and MJ says “because he doesn’t like it.” He knows that he is suppose to use the potty but he is just my trouble maker who wants to keep things difficult.