Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I recommend Netflix to everyone. Everyone should have it if they like to watch movies and tv shows. It doesn't always have the most recent episodes on the instant view but it does have entire seasons of shows for you to watch.

It's also cheap. We have the one DVD at a time plus unlimited instant view and pay $10 a month. This to me is totally worth it. Especially since it helps me completely monitor what my kids are watching instead of them watching random tv channels. My favorite part though is that there is no commercials to suck my children in. Neither Sidda nor MJ knows what is popular when it comes to toys or cereals or anything else. If we are at someone else's house and they happen to be watching television and a commercial comes on they are confused. They really don't know what they are and I am happy about that.

I have discovered new shows that I've loved through watching through Netflix and have tried out shows that I would never have watched in other circumstances. Mainly British TV, which I love.

If you do not have netflix, get it, it's so worth it. And they let you do a free trial to test it out which it awesome!