Friday, April 8, 2011

Movie Reviews: Limitless

Last night I saw Limitless. I'll just begin by saying that it was disappointing. I expected a lot more out of this movie than what it was. I sat in the theater bored and waiting for the exciting part to really come.

Limitless is about Eddie who is a writer who is struggling to write his book. He meets up with an old friend who gives him a pill that helps clear his mind, makes him smarter, and he is able to complete his book in four days.

After completing his book, he is looking for a new project so he takes on the stock market and makes a killing. And then this is basically what the rest of the movie is about. It's his whirlwind through parties, and work and trying to make the pills work for him.

This movie is a constant stream of tunnel vision that seems to last forever and never seems to have any real tangible awesomeness to his new clear, smart mind. I never felt connected to any of the characters making me care what actually happens to them. The whole movie felt disconnected to reality.

The idea of a pill to make you a better you is an appealing idea. The concept of the story is great put they just didn't pull it off. It makes me wonder if the book that it's based on would be worth reading to see if it is able to really draw you in.

Overall, I say don't waste your time on this movie.