Monday, April 25, 2011

MJ Alert

Sidda has discovered a new way of letting us know if MJ is doing something that he could get hurt or in trouble doing. For example, today they were playing in the backyard while I was doing some work in the house. Suddenly I hear Sidda yelling, "MJ Alert! MJ Alert!" I walk outside to see MJ at the top of the chain linked fence that surrounds our dog pen. I was able to get him down quickly.

MJ is my trouble maker. He seems to constantly getting into situations that can cause him or others harm on a regular basis. He likes to climb, get into everything and throw things as well. But every time I hear Sidda yell "MJ Alert!" it makes me smile. She's watching out for her crazy little brother in her own way.

I wonder sometimes if this is how God gets alerts for us. When He knows that we are in trouble He hears "Jessica Alert!" Yesterday he must of heard a Jessica Alert. Michael spoke in Tonopah for Easter service yesterday and as we were driving home I was going about 85 when I saw a highway patrol car turn around, flip on its lights and pull us over.

The officer came up and after taking my documents asked me why I was going so fast. I told him that I was just trying to get us home for Easter. We were blessed with an officer that let us off with a warning. No ticket was given. I'm glad that God heard the "Jessica Alert" because there would be no way for us to afford to pay that ticket. God gave me grace through that officer which I am grateful for.

Even after being pulled over and going to speed limit the rest of the way home we still made it in less than 3 1/2 hours, which should not have been possible. God did some great things so that we could spend Easter with our family and let Sidda and MJ have their egg hunt. We were blessed with a happy Easter. I'm glad that He hears our alerts and is always listening just as I appreciate Sidda alerting me to MJ's trouble making.