Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Today I am feeling drained. Not physically, but emotionally and spiritually. I've been pouring myself into people and I feel like I have nothing left. I feel unappreciated and more than anything I want to just give up. I'm so frustrated with it all.

I feel like I am being to cryptic with trying to explain. But unfortunately I can't really explain further in detail.

I am not usually a quitter. I am one to stick things through to the end because I hate giving up. I want to succeed. But how do you succeed in what you are trying to do, or the people you are trying to help when they stand your way? They're unwilling to listen to the advice they ask of you, unwilling to even listen to the things that are important. It comes down to that they don't really want my help. They don't really want to be here.

I feel like I'm giving myself over too much and not working on me at all. I've lost my focus. I haven't been reading my Bible like I normally do. I haven't been asking for help. I've been trying to do it on my own. But even so... How much can you give before you are completely drained? How much is too much? When is walking away a better choice? When is ok to give up on others as lost? Is that every really an option?