Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Awesomeness of Board Games

We love board games. We also love card games. We are a family who likes to play games together. It's what we do. It's how we prefer to spend our time.

I honestly don't think that there is a game we don't like. This helps support our nerdiness factor, because we are in fact very nerdy people. So I would like to present to you

The Abell Top Ten Games:

10. Monopoly-
In my opinion this must be the original when it comes to board games. Everyone plays and loves Monopoly, and it's almost impossible to finish a game. Every family has their own set of crazy rules that makes the game even better.

9. Parcheesi
This is a fun game that we enjoy playing, but this is the game that Michael cheats at, so you haev to watch out.

8. Farkle
This is a dice game that we originally started playing on Facebook and then brought it home to all play together. My in laws have taken the idea of this game and from it created on of their own.

7. Boggle
I love Boggle. We don't play it as much as I would like to because around here I am the champion.

6. Scene It (original, Disney and Friends)
Scene It is a great game because you can really have as many people as you want involved. We typically do boys against girls when teaming up.

5. Yahtzee
This is another of those wonderful dice games that we play. Usually after a couple of normal rounds of the game we make a rule that you have to roll the dice in order on the sheet. It makes for a much more challenging game.

4. Sequence
This game is played with cards and chips on a playing board. Michael and I used to play it so much that we eventually wore out the game and had to buy a replacement version.

3. Skip-bo
This card game can be played in many different ways and it's another of those games that we end up making new rules to try to make in more interesting.

2. Gotcha
This game I had never heard of or played before joining the Abell family. For Michael's family in Florida this is the only card game there is.

1. Taboo
Taboo has to be the best game ever created! This game gets played so much that it is time to buy a new updated version so we can practice new words. We are big on competition and this is the one we usually fall to when we're itching to compete.

We play many other games but if you were to come to my house there is a pretty good chance that we would be playing one of these 10.