Sunday, April 17, 2011

Anna and Molly

We adopted Anna and Molly into our family in February 2010 as an early present for MJ's second birthday. They are Canadian Pointers. They are hunting dogs that really have no time for a hunt.

Anna is the one who has a constant need for attention. She loves to have her belly rubbed and and is scared of the bath. She just wants to be loved.

Molly loves food. She likes to look wherever she can to find little bits of food. She is the calmer of the two and lives for snack time. Molly also loves baths.

They are very active and loving dogs. They both love to dig which we're hoping that they'll grow out of very soon. Midnight loves both the dogs and you will usually find him hanging out with them, while Tucker merely tolerates their existence. Sniper on the other hand want absolutely nothing to do with them.

In the first picture is Molly (L) and Anna (R) when we first got them when they were 12 weeks old. The second picture is Anna (L) and Molly (R) now.