Saturday, March 26, 2011


Tucker was the second animal we got as a family. We rescued him just a couple of months after Midnight. While Midnight is our scaredy cat Tucker is our socialite. Is is odd to call him that? Anyway, Tucker has no problem coming up to anyone that enters our home. He is a cat that will get in your face and you almost can not get him off. As you can see in this picture Tucker has places himself on my brother in law Eric. Eric is not a cat person, but this does not matter to Tucker. He will sit on, rub up against and just plain annoy anyone that comes within a foot of him.

Tucker is the favorite cat of most of our family visitors though because of his friendliness. He is also the only one of our 3 cats that will actually adventure beyond our front porch. He takes advantage of whatever he can to make himself comfortable and stretch out. He is awesome!