Tuesday, March 29, 2011

There's a Sniper in my House

You'll never see him if you visit. He has his hiding places. He likes to be left alone, he doesn't like to be touched. I'm talking about Sniper, my cat. My father in law does not believe that Sniper exists. It doesn't surprise me since I almost never see him.

Sniper does have one friend in the house and that it Midnight. If Sniper is out in the open he is at Midnight's side. The play together until Midnight is too tired to continue (which is fairly quickly) followed by cleaning time in which the clean themselves and then lick each others faces.

Sidda loves Sniper. She loves him because she can never get close enough to him to pet him. Petting him is her only desire. But as soon as she is with in a couple of feet of him he takes off to one of his many hiding places (one of which is under her bed).