Monday, March 28, 2011

Sometimes all you want is Coffee

I have not been sleeping well for the last few nights. I've been ranging somewhere between 2-3 hours a night for the last three nights in a row. I have never really had any kind of insomnia before so this is all new to me. I'm really starting to feel the lack of sleep weighing on me.

It's not like I have any reason to be awake until 2 or 3 or even 4 in the morning, I just can't sleep. I sit there tossing a turning trying to will myself to sleep. Next I'll try reading and will read until I feel my body begin to relax; I will put my book aside close my eyes and get ready to drift off to dreamland only to realize that I am still awake. I will then finally just watch tv. I will turn on my trusted xbox 360 load up my netflix and find some sitcom that I will not be too interested in watching. Eventually I will fall asleep on the couch and wake up on the couch within 20 minutes of being asleep. I will get up, go back to bed and finally, finally be able to sleep for about the next two hours.

When you finally go to sleep around 3-4 am 6 comes quickly. Six o'clock in the morning is the consistent time that MJ wakes up everyday. Luckily, Michael will get out of bed to take care of him, but I will be awake again. About 15 minutes later it's time to get up and start showering dressing and getting everyone ready for the day. Between running errands, dropping off and picking up from school and feeding everyone else I almost never get the only thing I want after only 2 hours of sleep... I want coffee. I want caffeine from the coffee coursing through my veins and helping me to keep my eyes open on those unending days. Most days I do not get said coffee; I end up settling for a diet coke somewhere around lunch time.

I'm hoping tonight I get to sleep with no trouble. It would be a blessing to me. I need a solid nights recharge so I can face the world, my husband and my kids.