Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My First Call

I was eighteen years old when I was first called to be a mom. No, that's not when I first became pregnant, no it's not when I had my first child, but it was the day that God put the call on my that I would be a mother... it is what I was called to do.

I was at a winter camp with my youth group. It was the second night that we were there and I was praying. I was at a stage in my life where I knew that it was almost time to take the next step in where I should be going. High school graduation was just around the corner and life was changing. That night I had a very clear message from God...

Let me take a second and explain something. I did not want kids. I wanted to be selfish and have freedom my whole life. I wanted to be married one day, yes, but kids were never in my plan.

... so, I had a very clear message from God, I was going to be a mom and I would marry a pastor. So, all through high school I was busy making my own plans of all the things that I would be doing in adulthood and motherhood was never part of the plan, but God's plans are always better.

Four years later I married my high school boyfriend and ended up getting pregnant on my honeymoon. That was when my call into God's plan started to fall into place. His timing is always perfect. My husband and I now have two beautiful children and he is currently studying to become a children's pastor.

It was just about ten years ago that God put this call on my life and I wouldn't change a moment of it.