Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Meet Midnight

This is Midnight. He is the first animal we took on after we married. Michael and I each brought an animal into the marriage but unfortunately my dog Dudes and Michael's cat Bandit both passed in our first year together.

Midnight is obviously a large cat but when we picked him out he was tiny. He was only a few weeks old and as of a scaredy cat the you can imagine. The first day we had him he found a tiny hole in our kitchen cabinets that he decided to squeeze himself in to causing us to break the inside of a cabinet in order to get him out. We weighed Midnight recently and he now weighs a huge 16.4 lbs! He is no longer tiny.

You probably think that his name is Midnight because he is pitch black, but that is not why we named him that. The first night we had him he decided it would be good to start meowing loudly at midnight until we woke up and gave him attention. He is still to this day more a night cat then a day cat. He still enjoys waking us up in the middle of the night, but no longer is it only meowing in to the surrounding darkness in order to get attention, now Midnight devises plans that include nipping at sensitive skin, including the underarm and side by the ribs. It doesn't hurt much but instead scares you out of deep sleep causing you to be awake and by being awake Midnight now gets the attention he has so desired.