Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Here Comes Trouble... His name is MJ

Michael John. That is my son. Right now at two and a half he is deemed "Trouble." I don't think I've ever encountered a more stubborn child in all my life (and that includes Sidda). MJ was born June 20, 2008 and weighed a whomping 8lbs 4oz (that's right, almost 2 lbs bigger than his sister) and 21 inches long.

Though he is stubborn now as a baby he saw a Godsend. He slept through the night practically right away and was always a happy baby. Even now MJ is happy. He is the family clown. He swiped the title away from my husband the moment that he could start talking. How is it that when you are ready to describe something about your child all examples just fly right out of your head? I will have to fill in later just how MJ is funny but he makes me laugh most of the day, though he is prone to not listening, not even a little bit.... But that is all a part of the things you work on with kids.