Wednesday, March 30, 2011


We are not gun people but as times progresses I think about changing my mind. This is how I imagine things in the next 10-12 years:

Michael will be out on our front porch sitting in some kind of rocking bench/chair/swing type contraption, widdleing something out of wood (have I mentioned that Michael is from the south?). He would be rocking back and forth with a large knife in hand waiting for Sidda’s date to come to the door. Next to him, leaning up against the house is a rifle of some sort. The idea is to instill fear into whatever boy thinks he will take advantage of our beautiful daughter. He will fear that Sidda’s daddy will come after him with said rifle or knife and cause him harm if he even thinks of

a: bringing her home late

b: making her cry

c: trying to kiss her


d: making her mad

These are the things I think of. I also imagine MJ waiting with Michael in an attempt to aid in the protection of his big sister. I am sure that this all sounds stereotypical but sometimes being old fashioned can help in protecting your family. I’m sure Sidda at 16 or 17 will be able to take care of herself but what girl wouldn’t want her daddy willing to keep her safe and sound and watching out for her benefit.

These are the reasons I consider allowing a gun in my house. Michael is probably online now trying to decide what kind of gun he’s going to but after reading this. Michael: you are not buying a gun. SIdda is too little to need your protection from boys. She will not be dating at 5 years old so get off the gun websites.